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Transformation Photography

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with transformation! 

  • Transforming myself through personal growth workshops, retreats and other opportunities… with a willingness to go beyond old, stuck historical patterns of thinking and feeling, into living my life as fully expressed and positive as possible
  • Transforming old furniture into refreshed treasures… as a professional furniture rejuvenator, one of my other talents
  • Transforming my physical condition through fitness and proper eating into strength, flexibility, stamina, slim and trim radiant health
  • AND, supporting others around me into realizing their highest potential of awesomeness (if there is such a word) through photography!

Photo shoots are SO much more than just getting prettied up and having beautiful images taken of you.  A commitment to having a photo shoot is a complete experience at so many levels;

  • it calls on you to believe in yourself and allow yourself to shine
  • it calls on a willingness to “be seen” for who you REALLY are… to be confident and spirited and playful, and as amazing as you truly are
  •  it invites you to let old, limiting beliefs about yourself and your body to fall away and allow a newly expanded version to unfold before you. 

Every client and model I’ve ever worked with came away with not only great images, but an experience of having grown in their own unique ways.  Self-esteem rose, self-confidence returned, sensual and sexy feelings re-emerged and even testimonials of relationships being re-invigorated are confessed… and I am not at all surprised.

The gift of a special photo shoot, no matter whether you desire elegant portraits, or glamour and boudoir shots, is a gift for a lifetime.  Not only will you capture yourself at this specific point in your life, you will distill the true essence of who you are into photographs you and your loved ones will cherish for all of your days.

I offer my transformational photographic expertise to you… dream big and contact me.

***  By the way…

Every woman appearing in my website has given me permission to share their images with you.  Please know that, if you choose to have the very personal experience of having a photo shoot with me, it will be your choice if you wish to allow all or a selection of your special photos to be shown in my website and other promotional initiatives, OR NOT.  If you decide to share your images, you will decide which ones and your choices will be carefully respected.  I want every woman that is photographed by me to feel super comfortable, safe, respected and happy!  


Carolyn Clarke Photography
Halfmoon Bay, BC Canada
On the beautiful Sunshine Coast, just two hours north of Vancouver, BC.
604-989-8885 (Pacific Standard Time)