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Make Me Your Photographer

I know that there are many photographers to choose from these days.  iPhones and digital cameras have made everyone a photographer, in their own way.

The simple but profound reason why I am especially good at this

glamour and boudoir genre of photography…

… I LOVE being a woman.

Other reasons to make me your photographer include;

My comfort and confidence in my femininity and sensuality… I will know how to evoke this in you too.

My ability to make it safe for you to bring out the best of yourself… and to gently push your comfort zones when you’re ready to stretch.

My artistic ability… I have a really good eye for what looks amazing.

My fun and playful nature… we WILL have fun!

My 30 years of experience taking photographs.

Finally, I am a jury-approved and award winning member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers, proudly able to wear their seal for the quality of images I take.

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This is the perfect time of your life.   Please don’t fall victim to postponing your photo session until you lose that ten pounds or get more fit… you’re perfect just the way you are right this moment!  I promise I will photograph you and your best features, pose you in ways that will flatter you and wow you into seeing yourself at your very best.  You will end up with stunning images… and we’ll have a really fun experience doing so together.

Dream big, contact me and let’s stir some excitement about what your ideal photo shoot would look like.


Carolyn Clarke Photography
Halfmoon Bay, BC Canada
On the beautiful Sunshine Coast, just two hours north of Vancouver, BC.
604-989-8885 (Pacific Standard Time)