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What Can I Expect In Our Photo Shoot?

Your Private Shoot is more than just a photography session — it is an experience, a wonderful experience!  Expect a transformation in yourself, beginning as your everyday self then nurtured into an incredibly expressive and attractive version of yourself, with an expanded self-esteem.

You will enjoy a pampered celebration of attention, resulting in heightened confidence, playfulness, and everything that makes you feel gorgeous.  We will work in a natural light-filled setting, either in my small home studio or at a location of your choice.  I’ll happily travel to work with you.  Expect the royal treatment of a professional makeup & hair makeover, artful and experienced direction, plus much laughter and fun!

Most of my clients are “everyday women” who have had a secret wish to get all dolled up and let their inner super model out, in order to realize exactly how beautiful they REALLY are, but may have temporarily forgotten.  No matter what age, shape and size you are, inside every woman is an elegant, classy, and maybe even a sassy girl seeking to come out and play.  Together, we’ll bring out those parts of you that you love… you’ll see.

What makes me especially good at my photographic craft is that I LOVE being a woman, comfortable in my femininity and sensuality.  I feel more beautiful at this early-50’s part of my life than I ever did in my earlier years.  More and more women are realizing this in their “ripe and juicy’ years, this part of me will know how to nurture the same in you!  And, in case you think you’re not photogenic, I have my ways of coaching and positioning you so that the natural beauty in you will shine in great photographs!

We can start within your unique comfort zone, focussing first on lovely, elegant portrait and glamour shots… then, if you wish, gradually stretch your boundaries into tastefully revealing images, as you gain increased confidence.  Whatever direction you seek, we will have fun creating it.

I promise that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your photo experience AND end up with photographs that make you and your loved one(s) say a big, “WOW!”

  • If you desire a private gift box of prints just for you and your sweetheart, we’ll create it.
  • If you desire a canvas enlargement of your favourite, we’ll make it happen.
  • If you desire a custom printed book of amazing images, we’ll create it.
  • If you desire a gallery of gorgeous framed prints, we’ll create it.
  • If you desire a selection of images to share with friends and family, we’ll create them.
  • If you desire a surprise gift for your guy or girl (hear that, guys?… hint, hint!), we’ll create it.
  • (I even have gift certificates so you can treat someone you love to a photo shoot.)

Each private photo shoot is a custom-designed experience, tailored to your dreams and desires, creating memories and images that you and your loved ones will proudly love for the rest of your life.

Peruse my website at then contact me at to select your photo date and share your dream-come-true ideas!  Right now is the perfect time to go for it!




P.S. I am a jury-approved, featured and award winning member of the Association for International Boudoir Photographers, gaining international recognition.