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The Value of Photos After A Death

Posted on Oct 6, 2014

I want to ask you an important question.

If one of the most important people in your entire world were to die today, would you have a selection of quality photographs that would suitably capture the spirit of this beloved person?  I’m not talking about candid shots, but high quality photographs.

Shockingly, many people do not.  I raise this question of you because I just lost my Dad and I cannot begin to tell you how important the numerous portrait photos that I’ve taken of him over the years mean to me and my family, and will likely mean even more to us over time.

Father's Day, approx. 1981

My Dad did NOT like being in front of a camera but, thankfully, I found ways to capture him without him knowing, such as this photograph, which remains one of my all time favourites.  Yes, I had to get sneaky… and I did many times over the years.

I want to leave you with a different  way of looking at having professional photographs.  Yes, they are taken for our current enjoyment but portraits of individuals and complete families really ought to be taken with future generations also in mind.  Sadly, Dad’s passing leaves several little grandchildren and even a great-grandchild to never fully know their grandpa / great-grandpa.  Without a doubt, these and other photographs taken over the years will be lasting legacies to those who never had the chance to know him.  Professional photographs can embody the spirit of the person, if taken thoughtfully.

Is it time to review your photographs and have a fresh selection taken?  Remember, they’re not just for you but for those coming along the long family road. Thank goodness I knew how to find (sneaky) ways to capture these and other photos of my beloved Dad for they mean so much to me, especially now that he’s no longer here with us.

Reach out to allow me to capture your loved ones.

I love you, Dad… forever.

Lew, approx. 1981