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Posted on Aug 14, 2013

Allow me to introduce you to one of my high quality products in my Collection, the elegant Portrait Folios made by Seldex in Australia.

I have chosen the incredibly stylish, creamy-coloured Iguana-skin version for my contemporary glamour and boudoir business.  There are three different sizes to choose from, each made to show off your favourite two retouched images, first mounted on creamy white mat boards, then mounted inside these classy standing displays.  Portrait Folios are perfect for displaying in your home, on your mantle, bedside table, desk, piano or window sill.


Select your favourite portraits from your photo shoot together and imagine the incredible gift it will make for the one that dearly loves you, your parents, children, grand children or a special friend.  Make an intimate portrait folio and send it with your lover when he goes off on a business trip, to keep him thinking of you.

The smallest size in my Collection is perfect for your bookcase, work desk or bedside table and makes a super personal and affordable little gift. Gift Size –  2.5” x 3.5”  – 2 images            $50

The 9″ x 9″ Double Folio allows for two 5″ x 7″ photographs to be displayed nicely.  Any mantle or table, desk or window sill will easily  this size.  If you’re looking to give a gift with impact and special meaning, this portrait folio makes a gorgeous gift that wallets can easily afford. Double Folio – 9″ x 9”  –  2 images           $150

006-medium folio

Finally, if you want to make a bold statement and display two images you are most proud of, the 12″ x 12″ Double Folio is for you.  It accommodates two 8″ x 10″ images and deserves an extra special space to shine. Double Folio – 12″ x 12” – 2 images          $300



If you have already had a photo shoot with me, reach out and let’s determine which folio is the perfect one for your beautiful images.  And, if you’re considering booking your photo shoot with me in the future, know that we’re going to create some amazing images that you will want to show off and gift to others.  This might be one of the items from my Collection that you’ll desire!

Aren’t they purdy!