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Old Hollywood Glamour

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph “Mrs. N,” who wanted to create a beautiful album of photographs to gift her beloved with for their up-and-coming fifth anniversary.   It was a secret, surprise photo shoot that she / we had to keep quiet about, so as not to spoil the surprise.

“N” is a young mom of two little children, the newest addition being not quite one.  Though she expressed a bit of concern about still carrying some of the post-baby weight she’d gained during her pregnancy, she entered into the photo session with incredible spirit and playfulness.  She’d done much preparation in her weeks leading up to our day together, by browsing and sending me many photos of poses she loved, shopping for special outfits, etc., and she arrived with much enthusiasm and confidence.

With her hair being SO long, we had extra time to talk lots about her life, her children and our photo direction together.   Her life-long desire to be a model became a reality in our session and she gave herself up completely to being fully engaged, fully expressed and having FUN!   “N” really wanted her playful nature to emerge in the images and she was ultimately super pleased with the results, ending up with many amazing images.

By far, the most gorgeous images of her were captured during this old-Hollywood-glamour-look, with the classic pearls and gloves and red lipstick.  I am certain you’ll agree with me that this “mom” is stunningly beautiful AND that her partner is, no doubt, feeling incredibly blessed with the anniversary gift he received.  “N” was this photographer’s dream-come-true model and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to know her and capture her beauty!

(Moms with little children… rest assured that, combined with complimentary chosen outfits and my guidance on recommended poses to accentuate your greatest features, any post-baby weight you might still have will not be an issue.  “N” is a perfect example of this!  Would you know that she’d just had a baby 11 months earlier?  Absolutely not.)