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My New 50mm Portrait Lens is SO amazing!

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

Wanting to improve the quality of my portrait and glamour images, I just bought a new Canon 50mm lens and already I LOVE it! The wonderful benefit of using this lens is that the forefront of my image ends up super crisp, while everything else fades into blurry, taking the eye exactly to the emphasis intended to be focussed.

I had fun playing with this new lens over the past (Valentines Day) weekend and thought I’d show you a photo that demonstrates its capacity. While this photo is of a lovely rose, with the flower completely in focus but the stem and leaves not… imagine what the effect will be like with portraits; beautiful eyes and complexion in full focus, while the rest of the imagery is blurred.flower I can hardly wait to use this new lens in my next photo shoot this coming Friday! Because this lens is so sensitive, it needs to be used on a tripod, or supported with great stillness. You’ll see it’s presence in my up-and-coming work… stay tuned.

Warmly, Carolyn