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Inch-by-Inch Photo Session Tomorrow

Posted on Dec 7, 2013

You may already know that I am a really happy Inch-By-Inch gym member, here in Sechelt.  I have been going three times each week since it opened last November, supplemented by my other fitness activities of walking, yoga and free weights.  The rewards to my body, mindset and sense of self-esteem have been great, especially after having had a challenging health issue last year.  I feel as though I’ve come through into a much healthier way of being and I know that going to this women’s gym has been a significant part of it.

I am really looking forward to contributing some of my photographic time at Inch-By-Inch tomorrow morning, taking pictures of Mary, a special trainer, as she demonstrates several specific abdominal muscle exercises for the members to learn.  My images will then be used to make a few charts that will be hung on the gym wall for easy following.  How cool is this, hey!   Thanks to owner, Victoria for the invitation to involve me in her project.

Inch-By-InchThis gym is for ladies only, in every age and degree of fitness.  With the PACE dual-resistance equipment, rebounding boards for cardio activity, the fabulous coaching that is always present, upbeat music and fun friendships, this is a good combination to make it easy to commit to my fitness routine.  Come and join us… you’ll see (and feel) what I’m talking about!