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I Love Landscape Photography Too

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

sunrise- resized


When I pulled open my heavy draperies this morning, my breath was completely taken from me in absolute awe of this, the stunning sunrise that was before me, looking out from my Sargent Bay waterfront view!

Of course, I quickly grabbed my camera and, in addition to this gorgeous photographs I took, I also captured four minutes of video as the sunrise unfolded.  Amazingly, within that four minutes, the brilliant colours of the sky tamed down to a rather plain sky… leaving me feeling as though I’d witnessed a inspired moment to begin my day with.

By the way, I did absolutely NOTHING to enhance this image!  This is exactly how the sunrise was before me… amazing, hey.

In addition to adoring taking glamourous images of my clients, nature completely moves me too.  It is my sweet dream to;

1. Have a selection of my nature images featured in the beautiful “Zoom” photographic magazine, here on the Sunshine Coast, and

2.  Eventually create a coffee table book with the very best landscape images I’ve ever taken, from my travels all over the world.

So glad you’re tuning in… and I sure appreciate being shared around.

Warmly, Carolyn