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Finao Albums Coming Soon

Posted on Mar 22, 2013

I’ve been excitedly browsing the internet for high quality photography albums to offer my model clients and I’ve found the company I want to align with and order from… FINAO!   I can hardly wait to offer these exceptional products.  They are beyond beautiful… high quality albums and portrait folios to show off the most beautiful of images I am taking.

In addition to an ala carte selection of products for the budget minded, I am busy creating a couple of packages for those that want a lusciously comprehensive, extravagant photo shoot experience with me.

Two more beautiful women will become my models over the coming ten days and I’ll even photograph a couple who are getting married soon, wanting me to capture their love and passion for each other before “the date.”

I LOVE this photography adventure!   Talk about being creatively excited.  Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Next week I’ll ask you to support me by voting for my gorgeous image submitted into a boudoir contest, which I’ll remind you about in my Carolyn Clarke Photography Facebook account.

AND, I’m excitedly moving towards being featured in the Association for International Boudoir Photographers mid-May!  I’m busily building my portfolio in advance of submitting my ten all-time best-of-my-best images… and being interviewed too. Who knows what will come of this.  I am open and appreciative for this amazing opportunity.  I personally would welcome international recognition and opportunities to travel and photograph, as I SO love.

Life’s good and I am ever grateful.

Thanks for your interest in my unfolding successful journey.