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Choosing My Best

Posted on Apr 17, 2013

I know it has been a while since I last wrote.   I’ve been a seriously busy lady!

Photo shoot after photo shoot has filled these last weeks as I prepare for the submission of my all-time best ten images to the Association for International Boudoir Photographers in the coming two weeks.  I’m super grateful for the gorgeous ladies (and recent couple) who have graced my little home studio for their personal photo sessions.  And, what a gift to have their permission to share their personal images with you… thank you to each of you for your generosity.

This road to announcing and promoting my photography has come with lots of  excitement and moments of self-doubt too.  As I see the caliber of photography that the other boudoir photographers of the association are creating, I am wowed with the company I am suddenly keeping.  Obviously, the association sees quality in my images or I would not have been accepted in with the other professionals.  Wow and wow!

These coming days will find me working diligently to update my website with all of the new recent photos and compiling my very best images for my submission.  I’ll definitely be calling on my artful colleagues to give me their honest and artistic opinion about which photographs deserve to be included.  I can hardly wait to take this incredible next big step of unfolding in my photography.

There’s so much good in life, love and passionate pursuits.   Stay tuned.