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The Value of Photos After A Death

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I want to ask you an important question.

If one of the most important people in your entire world were to die today, would you have a selection of quality photographs that would suitably capture the spirit of this beloved person?  I’m not talking about candid shots, but high quality photographs.

Shockingly, many people do not.  I raise this question of you because I just lost my Dad and I cannot begin to tell you how important the numerous portrait photos that I’ve taken of him over the years mean to me and my family, and will likely mean even more to us over time.

Father's Day, approx. 1981

My Dad did NOT like being in front of a camera but, thankfully, I found ways to capture him without him knowing, such as this photograph, which remains one of my all time favourites.  Yes, I had to get sneaky… and I did many times over the years.

I want to leave you with a different  way of looking at having professional photographs.  Yes, they are taken for our current enjoyment but portraits of individuals and complete families really ought to be taken with future generations also in mind.  Sadly, Dad’s passing leaves several little grandchildren and even a great-grandchild to never fully know their grandpa / great-grandpa.  Without a doubt, these and other photographs taken over the years will be lasting legacies to those who never had the chance to know him.  Professional photographs can embody the spirit of the person, if taken thoughtfully.

Is it time to review your photographs and have a fresh selection taken?  Remember, they’re not just for you but for those coming along the long family road. Thank goodness I knew how to find (sneaky) ways to capture these and other photos of my beloved Dad for they mean so much to me, especially now that he’s no longer here with us.

Reach out to allow me to capture your loved ones.

I love you, Dad… forever.

Lew, approx. 1981


A New Arrival

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A New Arrival

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family right before the birth of their second child.


Inch-by-Inch Photo Session Tomorrow

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Inch-by-Inch Photo Session Tomorrow

You may already know that I am a really happy Inch-By-Inch gym member, here in Sechelt.  I have been going three times each week since it opened last November, supplemented by my other fitness activities of walking, yoga and free weights.  The rewards to my body, mindset and sense of self-esteem have been great, especially after having had a challenging health issue last year.  I feel as though I’ve come through into a much healthier way of being and I know that going to this women’s gym has been a significant part of it.

I am really looking forward to contributing some of my photographic time at Inch-By-Inch tomorrow morning, taking pictures of Mary, a special trainer, as she demonstrates several specific abdominal muscle exercises for the members to learn.  My images will then be used to make a few charts that will be hung on the gym wall for easy following.  How cool is this, hey!   Thanks to owner, Victoria for the invitation to involve me in her project.

Inch-By-InchThis gym is for ladies only, in every age and degree of fitness.  With the PACE dual-resistance equipment, rebounding boards for cardio activity, the fabulous coaching that is always present, upbeat music and fun friendships, this is a good combination to make it easy to commit to my fitness routine.  Come and join us… you’ll see (and feel) what I’m talking about!

Why Book A Glamour Photo Shoot?

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I say why not? Photo sessions don’t need a reason. They’re fun. They’re empowering. They’re rewarding and very affirming. Many women book their sessions for particular reasons though. Some women don’t believe that they deserve an experience like this and need a little extra push as to why they do!

Here are my top reasons for booking a glamorous photo shoot:


Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin. We are subjected to and inundated with images of aesthetic perfection every day in the media. We compare ourselves constantly to unattainable standards. And we let ourselves, even if for a millisecond, believe lies about our bodies. We were created as crowning jewels; we are beauty personified. Sometimes we don’t even know it until we allow ourselves to be placed in a spot of vulnerability. Beauty is the spot. Glamour photography allows you to truly rediscover what real beauty is—your inner and outer beauty, your shine, your glow, your authentic self.


Let’s be real. A very large percentage of us probably do not get glammed up every day. Glamour (and boudoir) is a time to let your hair down (literally) and indulge in a little bit of pampering. Enjoy having your hair styled and make-up artfully done in advance of your photo shoot… a pampering opportunity to live up the glamour, glitz, and sparkle!  Because tomorrow, you’ll be back to your inner moral dilemma of “If I take time to put mascara on, will I have time to eat breakfast?”


There is no better way to celebrate a milestone birthday or a weight loss goal than to rock what your momma gave you! You worked hard to get where you are, and it’s time to celebrate. Whether it was weight loss, a promotion at work, getting married, becoming a mom, becoming an empty nester, or maybe becoming a gorgeous grandma, life is one big celebration. We have to take a moment for ourselves and throw some confetti.


Going shopping for special outfits, accessories and maybe lingerie is just plain fun! Okay, so it may cause anxiety for some because there are so many choices and ideas. However, putting together an outfit that the public eye would never see is rather alluring and exciting. When else would you get to justify chunky, multi-strands of pearls and cream-colored heels?


I cannot think of a better gift to give to him than yourself. Show me one man who was not absolutely gaga over glamour and boudoir photos of his special lady! Men are visual creatures; they connect and internalize images. We may roll our eyes when we see a man recognize a beautiful woman, but it’s how they were wired. When we give images of ourselves, we say, “I respect and love you. I know this is one mode of communication that you appreciate.”

So – Are You Ready?

By now you should see the reasons why a glamour and/or a boudoir photo shoot is a great decision to make. Reconnect with your amazing self. Give an awesome gift. Feel like a queen for the day.  I have two sessions left in June… call me to book yours!


Seldex Portrait Folios, Forever Treasures

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High quality stand-up folios

010-all folios

Love the texture of the covers… and talk about showing off your best photographs!

006-medium folio

Fits two 5″ x 7″ images beautifully… pretty nice, hey.

002-folio cover

Love this colour and classy texture.

Small gift folios ... cute, hey!

Small gift folios … cute, hey!

It took me a long while to search out the various high-end photographic products that I want to make available to my clients and my patience has paid off.  Allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to my Collection, the elegant Portrait Folios made by Seldex in Australia.

I have chosen the incredibly stylish, creamy-coloured Iguana-skin version for my contemporary glamour and boudoir business.  There are three different sizes to choose from to enjoy showing off your favourite two retouched images, each first mounted on creamy white mat boards, then mounted inside these classy standing displays.  Portrait Folios are perfect for displaying in your home, on your mantle, bedside table, desk, piano or window sill.

Select your favourite portraits from our photo shoot together and imagine the incredible gift it will make for your lover, parents, grandparents, children or a special friend.  Make an intimate portrait folio and send it with your boyfriend or husband when he goes off on his business trips, to keep him thinking of you.

The smallest size in my Collection is perfect for your bookcase, work desk or bedside table and makes a super personal and affordable little gift.
Gift Size –  2.5” x 3.5”  – 2 images            $50

The 9″ x 9″ Double Folio allows for two 5″ x 7″ photographs to be displayed nicely.  Any mantle or table, desk or window sill will easily accommodate this size.  If you’re looking to give a gift with impact and special meaning, this portrait folio makes a gorgeous gift that wallets can easily afford.
Double Folio – 9″ x 9”  –  2 images           $150

Finally, if you want to make a bold statement and display two images you are most proud of, the 12″ x 12″ Double Folio is for you.  It accommodates two 8″ x 10″ images and deserves an extra special space to shine.
Double Folio – 12″ x 12” – 2 images          $300

Those of you that have already had a photo shoot with me, reach out and let’s determine which folio is the one for your amazing images.  And, if you’re considering booking your photo shoot with me in the future, know that we’re going to create some amazing images that you, too, will want to show off and gift to others.

Aren’t they purdy!? Let me know what you think of these.  I’d love to hear from you!

Choosing My Best

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I know it has been a while since I last wrote.   I’ve been a seriously busy lady!

Photo shoot after photo shoot has filled these last weeks as I prepare for the submission of my all-time best ten images to the Association for International Boudoir Photographers in the coming two weeks.  I’m super grateful for the gorgeous ladies (and recent couple) who have graced my little home studio for their personal photo sessions.  And, what a gift to have their permission to share their personal images with you… thank you to each of you for your generosity.

This road to announcing and promoting my photography has come with lots of  excitement and moments of self-doubt too.  As I see the caliber of photography that the other boudoir photographers of the association are creating, I am wowed with the company I am suddenly keeping.  Obviously, the association sees quality in my images or I would not have been accepted in with the other professionals.  Wow and wow!

These coming days will find me working diligently to update my website with all of the new recent photos and compiling my very best images for my submission.  I’ll definitely be calling on my artful colleagues to give me their honest and artistic opinion about which photographs deserve to be included.  I can hardly wait to take this incredible next big step of unfolding in my photography.

There’s so much good in life, love and passionate pursuits.   Stay tuned.


Finao Albums Coming Soon

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I’ve been excitedly browsing the internet for high quality photography albums to offer my model clients and I’ve found the company I want to align with and order from… FINAO!   I can hardly wait to offer these exceptional products.  They are beyond beautiful… high quality albums and portrait folios to show off the most beautiful of images I am taking.

In addition to an ala carte selection of products for the budget minded, I am busy creating a couple of packages for those that want a lusciously comprehensive, extravagant photo shoot experience with me.

Two more beautiful women will become my models over the coming ten days and I’ll even photograph a couple who are getting married soon, wanting me to capture their love and passion for each other before “the date.”

I LOVE this photography adventure!   Talk about being creatively excited.  Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Next week I’ll ask you to support me by voting for my gorgeous image submitted into a boudoir contest, which I’ll remind you about in my Carolyn Clarke Photography Facebook account.

AND, I’m excitedly moving towards being featured in the Association for International Boudoir Photographers mid-May!  I’m busily building my portfolio in advance of submitting my ten all-time best-of-my-best images… and being interviewed too. Who knows what will come of this.  I am open and appreciative for this amazing opportunity.  I personally would welcome international recognition and opportunities to travel and photograph, as I SO love.

Life’s good and I am ever grateful.

Thanks for your interest in my unfolding successful journey.

Preparing to be a FEATURED Photographer

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Preparing to be a FEATURED Photographer

My photography adventure just keeps getting better and better!

Am I ever excited to share with you the invitation that’s been offered to me.  As you may have read in my blog post last week , I was accepted through a juried process into the Association   of International Boudoir Photographers. aibp_white_on_black logo copy

This in itself is huge and happy news for me, and THEN…

…the following day, I received THIS amazing invitation in my email inbox…

“Welcome, Carolyn Clarke Photography, to the Association of International Boudoir Photographers!  We would love to feature you, to appear on our website, the 2nd Week in May! For your feature, we will need 7 to 10 of your favorite watermarked images. Lynn Clark will soon contact you for an interview.  We are so happy to have you in our association!”

Oh my goodness!  Here’s what is written about being a Featured Photographer…

“The benefits of being a Featured Photographer include: Free (additional) exposure! When you are accepted into AIBP, you will be a featured photographer at some point. Seen by over 100,000 eyes online between our website traffic and various social media pages, your feature will be noticed. We will feature you on our blog, Facebook, and we will all give you shout-outs any time we get the chance. Your feature will consist of an interview with about 4 questions, and will display a selection of your images (watermarked with your logo/website information) so people can see a preview of your work.” 

Am I delirious with excitement?  Definitely!

Am I nervous as heck?  Sure.

Do I want to amp up my portfolio before submission time?  Yes, indeed!

These coming weeks will find me super busy taking a wide variety of additional images to expand my portfolio, creating a broader selection of gorgeous photographs to include in my feature presentation to AIBP.  What a gift of an opportunity!

Thanks for letting me share my over-the-moon excitement with you.

Warmly, Carolyn

Acceptance Into AIBP!

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Acceptance Into AIBP!

Hi and thanks for visiting, friends. I am completely over-the-moon excited with an acceptance letter that came my way yesterday and I can hardly write fast enough to tell you about it!

When I learned that there is an Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP), I decided to check into what it takes to become a member, and then applied. Here is what their website says (…

“Boudoir photography is not just a small sum or a risqué form of expressionism. It is a talented group of people from around the globe who see incredible beauty in this art-form. If united to help one another rise to our potential, AIBP will have succeeded in our goal to form an amazing community.

Once approved by our membership panel, your membership comes with countless benefits. We are an international organization with members spanning from Puerto Rico, to New Zealand & Australia, to Europe, Israel, Norway, Canada & the States. When you subscribe, we look at your portfolio. We want professionals with talent who want to see & be seen.”

I quickly heard back from the association, requesting the link to my website in order to review the quality of my photography and suitability of my work to their membership and world audience. The membership panel soon replied, expressing some concern about my editing and technical experience and suggested that I get mentoring for improvement in these areas. I’m new to working with PhotoShop, I admit and have much practice to commit.

When I explained that I’m currently being mentored by two great photographers and expect to improve in those areas over time, they approved me into the association!

Here’s their acceptance letter to me…

“Carolyn I think those mentor opportunities (you’re undertaking with Sue Bryce and Christa Meola) are more than sufficient (for you to be accepted into the Association of International Boudoir Photographers). In fact, Christa will be one of our guest judges for image critiques soon in the member forum in Facebook, so that is great you are already taking the leap (to continued learning)!   I love your positive attitude and, trust me, with your foundation and great eye, in addition to your desire to learn from others you are in the right place. We’d love to have you.”

Is this not the greatest news an excited photographer can receive! I’ve received the coveted AIBP seal to place in my website and my promotional initiatives, confirming me as an active participant that continues to make my client experience the best it can possibly be. How true is that! It is super important to me that each photo client has a high quality experience, ending up with fabulous images too.

You’ll see this wonderful new seal placed throughout my website really soon. I am beyond pleased.

aibp_white_on_black logo copy

My New 50mm Portrait Lens is SO amazing!

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My New 50mm Portrait Lens is SO amazing!

Wanting to improve the quality of my portrait and glamour images, I just bought a new Canon 50mm lens and already I LOVE it! The wonderful benefit of using this lens is that the forefront of my image ends up super crisp, while everything else fades into blurry, taking the eye exactly to the emphasis intended to be focussed.

I had fun playing with this new lens over the past (Valentines Day) weekend and thought I’d show you a photo that demonstrates its capacity. While this photo is of a lovely rose, with the flower completely in focus but the stem and leaves not… imagine what the effect will be like with portraits; beautiful eyes and complexion in full focus, while the rest of the imagery is blurred.flower I can hardly wait to use this new lens in my next photo shoot this coming Friday! Because this lens is so sensitive, it needs to be used on a tripod, or supported with great stillness. You’ll see it’s presence in my up-and-coming work… stay tuned.

Warmly, Carolyn