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Acceptance Into AIBP!

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

Hi and thanks for visiting, friends. I am completely over-the-moon excited with an acceptance letter that came my way yesterday and I can hardly write fast enough to tell you about it!

When I learned that there is an Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP), I decided to check into what it takes to become a member, and then applied. Here is what their website says (…

“Boudoir photography is not just a small sum or a risqué form of expressionism. It is a talented group of people from around the globe who see incredible beauty in this art-form. If united to help one another rise to our potential, AIBP will have succeeded in our goal to form an amazing community.

Once approved by our membership panel, your membership comes with countless benefits. We are an international organization with members spanning from Puerto Rico, to New Zealand & Australia, to Europe, Israel, Norway, Canada & the States. When you subscribe, we look at your portfolio. We want professionals with talent who want to see & be seen.”

I quickly heard back from the association, requesting the link to my website in order to review the quality of my photography and suitability of my work to their membership and world audience. The membership panel soon replied, expressing some concern about my editing and technical experience and suggested that I get mentoring for improvement in these areas. I’m new to working with PhotoShop, I admit and have much practice to commit.

When I explained that I’m currently being mentored by two great photographers and expect to improve in those areas over time, they approved me into the association!

Here’s their acceptance letter to me…

“Carolyn I think those mentor opportunities (you’re undertaking with Sue Bryce and Christa Meola) are more than sufficient (for you to be accepted into the Association of International Boudoir Photographers). In fact, Christa will be one of our guest judges for image critiques soon in the member forum in Facebook, so that is great you are already taking the leap (to continued learning)!   I love your positive attitude and, trust me, with your foundation and great eye, in addition to your desire to learn from others you are in the right place. We’d love to have you.”

Is this not the greatest news an excited photographer can receive! I’ve received the coveted AIBP seal to place in my website and my promotional initiatives, confirming me as an active participant that continues to make my client experience the best it can possibly be. How true is that! It is super important to me that each photo client has a high quality experience, ending up with fabulous images too.

You’ll see this wonderful new seal placed throughout my website really soon. I am beyond pleased.

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