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About Carolyn

About Page photo My love of photography began on my 13th birthday when my parents gifted me with a Kodak Instamatic camera.

That cool gift began a great passion!

I enjoyed studying photography in high school and contributed to the Annual Club by helping to take and organize the many photographs for the yearly annual. Over the years, I’ve been busy capturing many different genres of photography, everything from provincial-wide championship horse shows, dance recitals, figure skating competitions, families, pets and approximately 20 weddings too.

I created Terra Images in the 1980’s, an extensive line of photographic greeting cards that were sold in numerous Vancouver gift stores, which were sent around the world as cards but which also got framed and hung on walls too. A few of my images have been requested by authors to be incorporated in their books and a favourite landscape image I took near Lake Louise, entitled “Lake’s Edge” was selected as a winner at the BC Festival of the Arts in 1991. I love taking landscape images, which I’ll introduce to you in the near future… here, soon.

One of the most exciting directions that my photographic journey unfolded into was during the 30 years that I worked in the counselling and personal development seminar business. Yearning to support the many women around me that suffered poor self-esteem, I began offering photo sessions as a therapeutic process to help heal the unworthy feelings they carried about themselves. Each photographic client grew from the experience, low self-esteem fell away and, in its place, a new sense of self appreciation began to emerge. I was super excited to do this work with women, and I grew too. I realized the power of personal transformation at work and recognized a calling to focus my photographic efforts in this unique and rewarding direction.

I love being a woman, I’m comfortable in my strength, femininity and sensuality, and I have a gift of nurturing the same in other women. It sparks a fire inside me to support the “everyday woman” … no matter what age, shape and size, to have fun in front of the camera, support her to remember her playful side and allow her inner beauty to shine.  Women naturally want to feel beautiful… inside and out. I am on a mission to support women to show up in photographs more confidently and leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones forever.

And, as my own photography business has grown, so has my interest in offering other business owners to have impactful portraits for their business-related marketing initiatives and online presence! In this day of visual accessibility, powerful photographs and slideshows can make the difference between a “nice” website and a “WOW” website.  This emerging direction is exciting to me and I realize the gift I have to offer fellow business owners.

I understand the need for quality photographs that you love and resonate with your ideal clients.  Images that exude professionalism, integrity and your personality because it’s you who sets your business apart from the others!  Be sure to check out my business page and examples of my slideshow productions.

I look forward to photographing you.

Sincerely, Carolyn
Carolyn Clarke Photography
Halfmoon Bay, BC Canada
On the beautiful Sunshine Coast, just two hours north of Vancouver, BC.